Bentley Architects & Engineers, Inc.


In 1984, we forged a new level of design and development services in Florida with our multidisciplinary approach.

It allowed us to offer unmatched adaptability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness across a comprehensive range of related—but at the time, always separate—core capabilities. We still maintain this advantage today and have amassed a diverse, extensive portfolio of experiences that have further enhanced our flexibility and creativity.

Based in Longwood, FL, our company consists of individual departments dedicated to architecture, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and land development. However, ours is a culture of cooperation, as it is our combination of areas of expertise that are the key to our success.

When you work with us, you are welcomed into this collaborative, communicative atmosphere. Expect highly attentive, personal service and the utmost dedication to achieving your goals. You’ll quickly see why we’ve thrived in commercial, industrial, and government contracting for more than 30 years.