Halff Associates


Halff Associates is a unique regional consulting firm that has provided full-service engineering, architecture, and related services for decades. We are committed to continually investing in our employees, fostering a culture of collaboration, and delivering unwaveringly high-quality results for our clients. Our passion is providing smarter solutions with a distinctly human touch for everyone we serve.

Contact: Lisa Fricchione
Email: lfricchione@halff.com
Web: www.halff.com

HDR, Inc.

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We believe that the way we work can add meaning and value to the world. That ideas inspire positive change. That coloring outside the lines can illuminate fresh perspectives. And that small details yield important realizations. Above all, we believe that collaboration is the best way forward.

We specialize in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services. While we are most well-known for adding beauty and structure to communities through high-performance buildings and smart infrastructure, we provide much more than that. We create an unshakable foundation for progress because our multidisciplinary teams also include scientists, economists, builders, analysts and artists.

Our employees, working in more than 200 locations around the world, push open the doors to what's possible each and every day.

Contact: D. Allen Vinson
Email: allen.vinson@hdrinc.com
Web: www.hdrinc.com

Hanson Professional Services, Inc.


Hanson specializes in engineering, planning and a range of allied services. Headquartered in Springfield, Ill., we’re a nationally recognized, award-winning consulting firm with offices across the United States.

Since 1954, our clients have known us as a trusted partner, committed to their success and capable of handling challenging projects. From planning and design to construction and completion, we’ll take a hands-on approach to your project with a clear focus on your goals, budget and timeline.

Working with both the public and private sectors, our clients include:

  • aviation

  • DOT & Tollway

  • railway

  • municipalities

  • power generation and distribution

  • telecommunications

  • industry: Refining, Midstream, petrochemical, LNG and other energy-centric design services

  • federal and military agencies

  • healthcare facilities

  • education facilities

  • port and harbors

Contact: Candy Barker
Email: cbarker@hanson-inc.com
Web: www.hanson-inc.com

Hydro Solutions Consulting, LLC

Hydro Solutions Consulting (HSC), founded in 2007, is a civil and environmental engineering consulting firm headquartered in Lakeland with offices in Orlando and Jacksonville. Our team is led by Mr. Robert Beltran, P.E., BCEE, and supported by engineers, scientists, and technical professionals. HSC’s successes are a direct result of our corporate commitment to providing the highest level of responsiveness to our clients. We strive to leverage the best available technology, apply it appropriately, and deliver scientific, regulatory, and engineering solutions.

For over a decade our team members have partnered with Florida utilities, municipalities, and agricultural producers providing the HSC team a unique understanding of Florida’s local water resources challenges. As a full-service water firm, our project experience spans the latest hydraulic and hydrologic modeling to water treatment technologies, includes a functional understanding of water and wastewater plant treatment and distribution system operational practices, and a proven understanding of applied water policy and permitting. This has given us practical, hands on knowledge and the ability to balance design and regulatory considerations with economic and liability factors.

Our diverse water project portfolio embodies the one water paradigm with stormwater, wastewater, reclaimed water, water, and alternative water supply. Our skills are applied through water visioning services where we support your team in everything through water master planning and alternative water supply development. We understand that making infrastructure dreams a constructed reality requires a funding strategy. The HSC team has helped our clients offset $7.9 million dollars in construction and feasibility funding for water resources projects utilizing a diverse array of funding sources over the past 4years.

HSC is certified by the State of Florida as a small business and a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firm, Florida Department of Transportation (DBE), Hillsborough County, Orange County, City of Orlando, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and the City of Tampa as a Certified Disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) firm.

Contact: Scott Justice
Email: sjustice@hydrosc.com
Web: www.hydrosc.com

HBK Engineering, LLC

HBK Engineering, LLC is a fully licensed, professional engineering design firm headquartered in downtown Chicago providing civil, environmental, structural, electrical, subsurface utility, construction support services and permitting. Since our founding in 1998, we have built a reputation for outstanding, accurate service in extremely time-sensitive environments which led to our East Coast expansion and subsequent licensure to practice in 28 states. Our list of satisfied clients includes utility companies, construction firms, and municipalities from the Midwest to the East Coast. All projects receive the attention of our staff of Licensed Professionals, supported by our outstanding technical specialists, logistical and administrative project coordinators and consultants.

HBK is a proven leader for the design, coordination, permitting and construction support of utility projects within urban centers, such as Chicago and Philadelphia. We have successfully performed engineering for a complete spectrum of utility infrastructure projects, including but not limited to, gas, electric, water, sewer and telecommunication applications.  HBK’s goal to push to the forefront of the utility industry has been accomplished with the help of the firm’s progressive delivery of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) methodology including surface geophysics, 3D Scanners, surveying technology including the use of survey-grade Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and Laser Scanning, non-invasive excavation techniques, CADD systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping.

Marc Katz, P.E.
Office 630-230-3099|  Cell: 630-708-7376

Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.

Since 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two critical activities – helping our clients provide safe drinking water to their customers, and controlling water pollution and its effects on the environment.

Our focus brings us exceptional challenges – such as the largest drinking water UV disinfection installation in the world, upgrade of major wastewater treatment plants to reduce nutrient discharges to sensitive receiving waters, and recharging vital drinking water aquifers with highly-treated wastewater effluent, renewing a valuable resource.

Our focus also makes us home to many of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced environmental engineers and scientists, each seeking a challenging and rewarding career while making an important contribution to the communities in which we work.

Our commitment to our clients is absolute. Our expert process groups contribute to the latest research and determine how to apply the most effective and efficient technologies to engineer solutions to your challenges. Your goals are our goals, and we offer the insight and experience needed to achieve and exceed them.

If you have a water engineering challenge, Hazen and Sawyer has your solution.

Contact: Michael W. Wengrenovich
Email: mwengrenovich@hazenandsawyer.com
Web: www.hazenandsawyer.com