Connectivity Wireless Solutions (CWS)

Our Mission is Connecting people and communities through innovative and seamless wireless networks.

Our Story: We all take the availability of basic services for granted, and we expect these to be available wherever we are regardless of where our journey takes us.  Today, basic services include more than electricity, water and other utilities, it includes wireless. 

Ubiquitous wireless coverage and capacity is an essential and fundamental service. Today, we check our mobile phones an average of once every 12 minutes and we are spending more than five hours a day using our phones.  This trend continues to grow as we move beyond our mobile phones to include access through our companion devices which are always on and always connected. The dependency upon the quality of this ubiquitous connectivity is now taken for granted. 

Unfortunately, more than 40% of large U.S. office spaces and buildings have noticeably poor indoor wireless coverage and only 5% of commercial real estate space has a dedicated in-building wireless solution, even though 75-85% of mobile data usage today is happening indoors. According to market research, the benefits to robust in-building wireless systems is material – with more than 85% of building managers saying wireless connectivity in all areas of the buildings is imperative. 

In-building wireless systems are a natural extension of the service provider networks, and they need to be carrier-grade, with high availability and high performance. This is what our customers’ customers expect, and this is what we do at Connectivity Wireless Solutions. We design, engineer, deploy, integrate, operate and manage systems with a carrier-grade DNA.

Whether you are a property owner, real estate developer, or a wireless service provider, we are here to help you to address your customers' needs. We can partner with you to deliver a carrier-grade, next-generation in-building wireless solution that enables your customers to have affordable, ubiquitous wireless connectivity. 

Contact: Howard Keel