Foresite Group, Inc.

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Foresite Group was founded in 2003 by three engineers taking advantage of an opportunity to strike out on their own. That same drive and willingness to take calculated risks and keep the door open for opportunities has allowed us to grow from two offices offering Land Development and Wireless Services to 16 offices nationwide supporting six practice areas. Between 2009-2012, we added Traffic Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Structural Engineering to our service portfolio. We grew again in 2015 as we added our Broadband Engineering practice. Always looking to expand our reach into new markets, we have strategically added offices over the years to support our goals. Of course, our people drive this growth. We prioritize hiring the best people and equipping them to pursue work that excites them. We tell potential team members: you define your success at Foresite Group; you can go as far as your drive takes you, because that’s exactly how we’ve experienced success from the beginning.

Contact: Brad Karns