South Florida Radar, Inc.


Adam Smith
(561) 260-4236
1273 Old Dixie Highway, #13
Lake Park, FL 33403

Serving Martin to Miami-Dade counties and beyond.

25 years experience in Florida

Product & Services Provided

South Florida Radar, Inc. is a service provider using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic detection (EM) to perform non-destructive investigations

Marking & locating

Private Underground Utilities and Buried Structures/objects including unmarked USTs (orphaned Underground Storage Tanks) and anomalies such as buried debris, voids, unmarked graves and lack thereof.

Services include Concrete Imaging Radar (High-frequency GPR) near-X-ray resolution investigations for embedded objects including rebar, post tension cabling and voiding within concrete (slabs, columns, headers) or immediately below the concrete slabs. Density of concrete can also be estimated with Concrete Imaging Radar as well as distance from the surface for such objects.

* Consulting and training services available.