Connectivity Wireless Solutions (CWS)

Our Mission is Connecting people and communities through innovative and seamless wireless networks.

Our Story: We all take the availability of basic services for granted, and we expect these to be available wherever we are regardless of where our journey takes us.  Today, basic services include more than electricity, water and other utilities, it includes wireless. 

Ubiquitous wireless coverage and capacity is an essential and fundamental service. Today, we check our mobile phones an average of once every 12 minutes and we are spending more than five hours a day using our phones.  This trend continues to grow as we move beyond our mobile phones to include access through our companion devices which are always on and always connected. The dependency upon the quality of this ubiquitous connectivity is now taken for granted. 

Unfortunately, more than 40% of large U.S. office spaces and buildings have noticeably poor indoor wireless coverage and only 5% of commercial real estate space has a dedicated in-building wireless solution, even though 75-85% of mobile data usage today is happening indoors. According to market research, the benefits to robust in-building wireless systems is material – with more than 85% of building managers saying wireless connectivity in all areas of the buildings is imperative. 

In-building wireless systems are a natural extension of the service provider networks, and they need to be carrier-grade, with high availability and high performance. This is what our customers’ customers expect, and this is what we do at Connectivity Wireless Solutions. We design, engineer, deploy, integrate, operate and manage systems with a carrier-grade DNA.

Whether you are a property owner, real estate developer, or a wireless service provider, we are here to help you to address your customers' needs. We can partner with you to deliver a carrier-grade, next-generation in-building wireless solution that enables your customers to have affordable, ubiquitous wireless connectivity. 

Contact Info: 678-584-5799

Byers Engineering

Byers Engineering Company was founded in 1971 to be an important technical services firm in the telecommunications and utility industries. The company's first client was New York Telephone Company (now Verizon), which remains a client today. This longevity is evidence of Byers' long-term business commitment to providing clients with high-quality, high-value products and services that exceed their expectations. A customer-focused approach has been a constant at Byers -- just as the president and core management group have been -- since the beginning.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Byers has 1,000 employees deployed in providing outside and inside plant design, planning, project management, inspection, and right of way acquisition services, both wireline and wireless, for RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, utilities, cable television companies, and commercial organizations throughout the United States. Byers also provides leading-edge AM/FM/GIS software, data conversion, mapping and records services throughout the world.

Contact: Jessica Bennett

David Douglas Associates, Inc.

david douglas.png

David Douglas Associates, Inc. (DDAI) is committed to providing the highest level of professional engineering services to our clients and our community. We know that quality services and sincere efforts do make a difference and pride in a project is important to us as well as you. These attributes lead to our success which ultimately leads to an exemplary project.

Contact: Daniel Craig

Civil Design, Inc.

civil design.jpg

CivilDesign® is an industry-leader in the development of hydrology/hydraulics software applications. Our software has been approved for use in hydrology/hydraulics studies by the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, Kern, and Los Angeles, CalTrans, and FEMA. These agencies also actively use our software, which we provide them at reduced charge, in addition to free technical support. As a result, our software development helps us continue our active working relationships with these agencies.

Our Water Resources Department enjoys excellent professional relationships with public agencies throughout Southern California. These relationships help expedite our Water Resources projects and give us higher level of efficiency than other firms in the area. We believe that by familiarizing local agencies with our software, we help to expedite our Water Resources projects with those agencies, ultimately saving our clients time and money. We are also extremely familiar with all agency requirements, standards, and recommendations with regard to Water Resources.

CivilDesign® has been involved in the development of hydrology and hydraulics software for over two decades.


Magnolia River Services

magnolia river.png

Magnolia River Services, Inc. (Magnolia River) was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Decatur, Alabama. Magnolia River is an engineering, inspection, GIS, software, and consulting company focused on the utilities, oil and gas, water, and pipeline infrastructure industries. Magnolia River has four professional service Business Units that provide a host of solutions—from front-end engineering design (FEED) to commissioning. Our professional service Business Units include engineering, inspection, GIS, and GeoCurrent, our technology unit.

Contact: Raymond Wallace

ITS Fiber, LLC

ITS Fiber.png

Who We Are

ITS Fiber is a premier provider of advanced fiber-optic based communication and technology services for homes and businesses including Internet, voice, cloud, IT and colocation data center services.


Our mission can be said in two simple words: “Noticeably Better”.


• Deliver a noticeably better customer experience

• Provide exceptional, high-value services at competitive rates

• Exemplify the highest level of integrity

• Respect employees as precious assets

Contact: Accounts Payable

RWA, Inc.

rwa engineering.png

RWA, Inc. is a professional services firm based in Naples, Florida offering land use planning, civil engineering, surveying and mapping solutions for private and public sector clients. To be successful, we depend on the skills, value, and commitment of our employees. We value their input and encourage employee involvement and communication within the organization. RWA’s leadership strives for the empowerment of our staff and recognition of our employees. RWA promotes excellence, teamwork and individual responsibility. We make every effort to look for new ways to enhance cooperation and provide greater encouragement and support between work groups, departments, and project teams. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Contact: Michael Ward

Ayres Associates

Decades (and thousands of rewarding partnerships) after its founding, Ayres has grown into a nationwide team of industry experts representing some of the most inventive problem-solvers in the country.

That team has planned, designed, and facilitated thousands of projects that keep our nation’s infrastructure reliable and responsive.

From strong, thoughtful design comes lasting structure, and with our unshakable foundation of ingenuity, integrity, and intelligence, we’re built to continue founder Owen Ayres’ legacy for decades to come.

Contact: Pamela Jurgensen

Traffic Engineering Data Solutions, Inc.

traffic engineering Data Solutions.jpg

TEDS is a woman owned transportation engineering business founded in 2007 specializing in traffic engineering and transportation planning. However, much has changed at TEDS since 2007 and we now offer more than traffic engineering and transportation planning services. While still a recognized leader in traffic engineering and transportation planning, TEDS staff is knowledgeable in minor roadway design, drainage design and civil / site engineering. TEDS offers these full engineering services to both public and private clients that honor our guiding principle of “Doing the Right Thing!”

Contact: Deanna Ferrell

Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers

Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers, Inc., is a professional corporation founded in 1972 by David F. Ludovici, P.E. and E. Neil Orange, P.E., P.L.S., and has been continuously engaged in the private practice of professional engineering and land surveying since that time. L&O offers services including but not limited to preliminary investigations, reports, studies, preparation of civil design drawings and specifications, storm water management, platting and land surveying. We have both private and governmental clients and our projects include both residential and commercial developments.

Company Information:
Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers
329 Palermo Avenue, 2nd Floor
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Telephone: 305-448-1600
Fax: 305-446-3876

RTS Associates, LLC (Regional Telecom Services)

RTS Associates provides a range of innovative services to the Southeastern utility market: a market they have supported since 1998. Experienced RTS professionals deliver tailor-made solutions in the areas of Design, Database Management, Contract Staffing and Turnkey Solutions. While most projects focus on the telecommunications industry, RTS leverages their technical experience and understanding of the utility market to consistently exceed customer expectations, optimize current technology and foster long term relationships through efficient, cost effective project management.

Contact: David Stapleton
Phone: (770) 270-1212 x6001

SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Welcome to SAI! We are a transportation-focused civil engineering and construction management firm specializing in bridge and highway design, structural inspection, traffic engineering, design management, and construction management and inspection. A leader in the field of transportation design and construction management, SAI has provided government and private sector clients with innovative, accurate, and reliable design and consulting engineering services for over 54 years.

Contact: Cristian Bercea

Curtis & Rogers Design Studio, Inc.


Curtis + Rogers is well known throughout South Florida for providing quality award-winning landscape architectural services.  Our Landscape Architects have more than 100 years of combined experience with complex projects and our long-term relationships with our clients is a testimony to our ability to create environments which engage the senses and lift the spirits, while meeting the operational demands and functional realities of urban projects. 

Contact: Aida M. Curtis

Wolfberg Alvarez and Partners, Inc.


At Woflberg Alvarez & Partners (WA) we are proud to offer our clients a cohesive, solution-oriented professional team with a proven track record in creating lasting designs. In response to the continuing demand for integrated full service architectural and engineering services, our organization promotes synergy of design and integration of disciplines as the core of its business.

Throughout our 36 years, our philosophy of total commitment to our clients has not changed. We are committed to the premise of total customer service and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver. The buildings we designed over a quarter of a century ago are still as current today.

Contact: Jorge G. Maldonado

England Thims & Miller, Inc.


Public and private sector organizations turn to ETM for turnkey, planning, design, and construction administration expertise on their civil infrastructure projects. This is because they know that with ETM as their advocate, they’ll receive a higher return on their investments, complete their projects with less stress, and their projects will be reliably delivered in compliance with their expectations.

Contact: Nikki Sutton

Draftpros, Inc.


With over 50 years’ experience, draftPros' extensive knowledge of the entire project life cycle, allows us to create tangible value through our business solutions.

With this detailed knowledge of Turnkey Construction, DAS/Small Cell, ISP/OSP and Engineering  solutions, draftPros has positioned itself as a leading provider within the telecommunications industry. 


We are a Minority Owned Engineering and Construction Firm backed by 50 years of company experience. At draftPros, our employees are the base of our success and we enjoy finding creative solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. By matching our expertise with local and corporate customer needs, we are able to take existing processes and provide fresh perspectives to develop solutions that get the job done. Our blend of industry knowledge with unmatched customer service allows us to always finish the project with superior quality, within budget and adhering to set time frames. Our ultimate goal is to increase value to our customers with every project that we take on.

Contact: Gustavo Gordillo

Shroyer Drapala Engineering, LLC

shroyer drapala.png

ShroyerDrapala Engineering LLC was developed by Steve Shroyer, Mike Drapala and Jason Coates to provide experienced civil engineering services to the west coast of Florida with an emphasis in Manatee and Sarasota counties. We provide each project through the governmental review process with professional and personal hands on service. Every team member has over 10 years of local experience. We stay up to date in the local community through participation on committees related to land development.

Contact: Steve Shroyer

Baljet Environmental, Inc.


Baljet Environmental, Inc. was originally established on January 28, 1985, and has provided quality professional services ever since that time. The primary areas of professional practice include Civil and Environmental Engineering and Indoor Air Quality. Baljet Environmental, Inc. often serves as Project Managers, and directly oversees active work to ensure high quality and cost control for projects involving several engineering disciplines.

This firm has successfully handled projects across the U.S.A., although the majority of active projects are within southeastern Florida, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.

Contact: Pedro D. Gonzalez