When you enforce the law, we can begin preventing accidents like these that cause injuries, lost communications or worse.

The Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556, Florida Statutes, requires excavators to get underground utility lines located by contacting Sunshine 811 two full business days before digging.

We have four regional damage prevention liaisons to provide free training. Our damage prevention liaisons have trained hundreds of officers during roll call and in other settings. If you would like more information on the process, please contact the liaison for your area.

Enforcement Hot Line - 1-800 CAREFUL (800-227-3385). Call this number to verify a ticket's validity.


Excavators can be issued citations for the following:

s.556.105(1), F.S., No proper notice of proposed excavation: The excavator must be able to provide a valid ticket number. A valid locate ticket:

  • Less than 30 calendar days old.
  • Physical address and county match dig site address.
  • Names the person or company performing the work.

s.556.105(6), F.S., Excavation premature without marks or clearance: Diging should not begin before the ticket due date. Excavators can dig earlier if all utilities have marked or cleared the site.

s.556.105(11), F.S., Failure to stop digging when re-marking required. If the ticket is valid but no marks are present, excavators are required to request a new ticket so the marks can be placed.

Common Exemptions

  • Homeowners unless they are digging in an easement or right of way.

  • Utility or its agent digging on homeowner property up to 10 inches.

  • Utility using hand tools to locate, repair, connect, protect or maintain lines, or extend utilities onto a property, up to a 30-inch depth when permanently marked utilities are in the right of way.