Utilisphere (irthNet)

Utilisphere is the web-based ticket management system provided to Sunshine 811 members at no additional cost. It makes ticket management easier by automating locate ticket processing as much or as little as you want.

  • Utilisphere is easy to maintain, easy to set up and easy to use.

  • There are no upfront costs or extensive IT involvement.

  • All software and data reside on our central servers. We do the system administration, data back-up, maintenance and upgrades.


Records any offline processing and distributes tickets, responses, audits and other notifications when back online

Sends alerts about important system events such as emergency tickets, tickets matching your current filter, missing tickets and one call broadcast messages.

Lets you customize your work space with database fields for column headings and use filters to choose which notices display.

Identifies notice versions, ticket types, due dates and notice status on the Notice Summary and Ticket Detail screens with informational icons.

Accesses current and archived databases.

Displays dig sites for one or multiple tickets and lets you create tickets from the map screen.

Pre-screens tickets before they are sent to the field or contract locators and respond based on keywords or specific geographic information.

Provides a response based on a comparison of dig site data and your shape files.

Sends positive response codes you enter to Sunshine 811.

Assigns non-cleared tickets to locators or folders based.

Sorts tickets by geographic region or area of responsibility.

Identifies when tickets have multiple versions. Changes, additions and deletions are highlighted. Note: Sunshine 811 members receive multiple locate tickets for the same dig site when a change occurs to the ticket.

You set who has administrative functions, internet access and system email access.

Produces standard reports online or for exporting to other programs.

Sends tickets to locators after automatic pre-screening is complete. Response information can be returned and automatically applied to irthNet if required. Unless you specify otherwise, the contract locator will not have Internet access to your data.

Technology platform

  • Utilisphere offers a high level of security and non-interrupted work.

  • Protects against unscheduled interruptions. All networking components, load balancers, web servers and application servers are configured for redundancy.

  • 24-hour monitoring of all system components and performance levels.

  • Daily backups of customer data. Full system backups done weekly.

Get online with Utilisphere today. Contact Sunshine 811's Member Services Department at (800) 651-6720 or click below.