Reaching the right person at right time could save life of contractor digging near your facilities


Sunshine 811 recently completed a series of emails to its member facility owners to update their contact information. This is something we do each year, but it’s becoming a critical part of our daily operation as some ignore our plea.

We consistently hear from excavators that the phone numbers are incorrect or out of service. And during hurricane season, members rely on this information to coordinate storm recovery efforts with other members.

“Our member service representatives update contact information on a daily basis,” Sunshine 811 Technical Operations Manager Bill Heath explains. “Whenever we discover an outdated contact, we work to find the correct information.”

Updating contact information is a simple action to help each member comply with, § 556.112, Fla. Stat., which requires all Sunshine 811 members to update their design services information annually.

“Although excavators must notify 811 and wait the required time before digging,” Sunshine 811 Executive Director Mark Sweet explains, “they may have questions about your response to their locate request. To help protect your underground facilities from accidental damage, it is essential that all members provide Sunshine 811 with accurate and current contact information to facilitate direct communications with excavators who will be digging near your facilities”


Below are the 11 contacts types within Sunshine 811’s system. If you are a member and have not updated any of the contact information listed below, please contact our Member Services Department at (800) 651-6720 or email them at memberservices@sunshine811.com.

Excavators & Others

If you’re an excavator, locator or other stakeholder and cannot reach a member using the contact information on your ticket or in the emergency phone book, please complete the quick form by clicking on SUBMIT INCORRECT MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION below. Member Services will use your information to begin getting the updated contact information.

Reaching the right person at the right time could help save the life of a contractor digging near your buried facilities.

Contact Types

  1. Emergency Contact: The emergency contact is the person listed on emergency tickets and included on the emergency contact list. This number should be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  2. Alternate Contact: The alternate contact receiving location is where locate tickets are sent when your primary receiving equipment is not working properly.

  3. After Hours Contact: The after-hours contact is someone who can be contacted outside of your organization's normal business hours.

  4. Billing Contact: The billing contact is the person or department to receive the monthly invoice and annual assessment letters.

    If you are currently receiving paper invoices and would like to receive them electronically, email memberservices@sunshine811.com your member code and the email address or addresses where you would like us to send your invoices.

  5. Board Representative: The board representative contact is the person authorized to vote on your organization's behalf at Sunshine 811 membership meetings.

  6. Catastrophic Contact: The catastrophic contact is someone who is contacted before, during and after a storm, natural disaster or other catastrophic event. This contact is included in our emergency contact list.

  7. Damage Contact: The damage contact is the person primarily responsible for submitting damages as required by § 556.102 (12)(a), F.S. This person is also responsible for maintaining user accounts in the Florida DIRT System.

  8. Database Contact: Person or department responsible for setting up and maintaining your company’s service area registration. This may include manually drawing your service area on the maps in our system, or it may be the person responsible for uploading shape files and approving their release into production.

  9. Engineering Contact: The engineering contact is the person or department responsible for design requests as required by § 556.112, F.S.

  10. Receiving Location Contact: The receiving location contact is a person or department that monitors and receives locate tickets from Sunshine 811. This person is also contacted with ticket delivery issues. This is also the default contact provided to excavators requesting member contact information.

  11. Temporary Type Contact: The temporary type contact has access to a limited set of permissions at online811.com including entering positive response information for a ticket. This contact is not typically contacted for receiving or database-related issues.