Sunshine 811 opens Single Address Ticket

Due to the overwhelming number of Single Address Ticket users trying to use the system, Sunshine 811 has opened the Single Address Ticket feature.

  • Single Address Tickets should be requested by homeowners and excavators digging at one address.

  • Professional excavators who use Internet Ticket Entry should NOT use Single Address Tickets.

  • Excavators wanting to dig in larger areas, between intersections or in the Right-Of-Way, to name a few examples, must use Exactix ITE. To be notified when new user registration and ITE training is available, please visit https://www.sunshine811.com/ite-application and complete the form located on that page.

To get registered for Single Address Ticket, follow the instructions here.

Thank you for bearing with us

On January 10, 2020, callers wanting to request locate tickets were met with busy signals. Those who reached Sunshine 811 were on hold for almost an hour - and sometimes longer. Plus, some Internet Ticket Entry users couldn’t get logged in. You were frustrated. You were upset. And you just wanted to reach a human!


What Happened

Wednesday evening, January 8, 2020, Sunshine 811 was attacked by a malicious virus, shutting down our systems and phones. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time as we were preparing for a cut over to a new system, Exactix.

Our Technical Operations Department worked 30 hours straight to rebuild the servers and the conversion went on as scheduled the night of January 9, 2020. By 8:30 a.m. January 10, the call center was taking calls again.

Why the busy signals?

Call volume has been extremely high as excavators had to make up for the missed day. Additionally, not all ITE users had pre-registered for Exactix, which led them to also call 811.

Each day things get a little better. Our answer speed is steadily declining and ITE users are getting registered. We thank you for your continued patience as we work through all of the details.

Questions about Exactix, Utilisphere or ITE Registration?

  • Visit my.sunshine811.com and click Exactix Support to find the answers.

  • When existing ITE user registration is further along, we’ll open ITE for new users. To be notified when new ITE user registration is open, complete the form at sunshine811.com/ite-application.