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New positive response code clarifies procedures when digging within white lined areas

Sunshine 811 recently rolled out the new positive response code, “2E Marked with Exceptions – marked within the confines of the white-lined area.” The purpose of the new code is further described in the accompanying paragraph: “A locate technician marked the approximate horizontal location of buried facilities WITHIN the white-lined area. (White paint, stakes or other white marks define the dig site boundary.) Any excavation outside the white-lined area requires a new ticket.

Excavators who white line their job sites before notifying 811 create win-win situations for themselves and locate technicians. It’s a best practice and it’s a low impact marking practice in the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556, Florida Statutes.

White lining eliminates the guess work for locators. It clearly defines the dig area with white paint, flags, stakes or a combination of these before you notify 811.

This code may also be used after the locate technician has asked you to white line because the locate description was not clear.