Private Utilities

Florida law requires utility owners to mark only the lines that they own and maintain. But, almost every job site includes some type of privately-owned underground utility. These utilities are not listed in our database so you'll need to use a private utility locating service. Note: We will be adding a list of private utility locators in the near future.

What are private utilities?

Private underground utilities can be located anywhere including private property and rights-of-way. They typically are underground lines that extend beyond the meter or lines not connected to a meter that serve other areas on a property. 

Examples of Residential Private Utilities

  • Electricity to sheds, garages, barns or electric fences
  • Invisible dog fences, data cables, landscape lighting
  • Water, septic or irrigation systems
  • Propane or natural gas run to grills and pool heaters
  • These can be located in apartment complexes, mobile home parks, gated subdivisions

Examples of Private Utilities on commercial property

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Fire mains
  • Building to building utilities
  • These can be located in schools and universities, hospital complexes, industrial areas, government facilities and military installation

Before you dig, inspect the property carefully for private underground lines. Consider hiring a private locator to mark private lines that could be in conflict with the excavation project.