Safe Digging Month Toolkit

Each year Florida observes National Safe Digging Month in April and provide tools that you can use to educate your employees, friends and customers about the why 811 is so important. Please use the social media graphics, infographic and messages in this toolkit as often as you like in April - and even beyond - to tell spread the word on your social media accounts.

By working together, we can amplify the message on the importance of 811 before you dig. Use the hashtag #SafeDiggingMonth in April in your social media posts.

Spread the Word

Here are some positive messages that you can share this season on your social media channels:

4/1: Today is the first day of National Safe Digging Month! If you’re planning any DIY projects this spring, remember to always #Call811 before you dig to #KnowWhatsBelow!

4/15: #EarthDay just one week away, remember to #Call811 today if your celebrations for the planet involve planting trees or other greenery. Always #KnowWhat’sBelow by taking advantage of the free 811 service before disturbing the ground in any way.

4/22: Happy #EarthDay! No matter what day of the year, if you’re planting trees, shrubs or other greenery, always #Call811 before you dig to keep yourself and your community safe.

4/27: #ArborDay is this Friday, so make sure you #Call811 TODAY if your celebrations involve planting trees! Protect yourself and underground #utilities by contacting 811 before disturbing the ground.

4/30: Happy #ArborDay! Thank you to all the folks who called 811 before planting trees to make the world a little greener today, while keeping themselves and their communities safe. National Safe Digging Month may be ending, but always remember to #Call811 before you dig!

Post Anytime

  • Plan Ahead
    If you want to dig on Saturday, call 811 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Grasses absorb carbon dioxide and break it down into oxygen and carbon. In fact, a 50’x50’ lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. If grading for a new lawn is in your future, #Call811 to request underground facilities be located so you #KnowWhatsBelow!

  • Lawns & plants reduce noise pollution (20 to 30 percent over concrete and pavement).
    Tearing up that pavement? Remember, utility lines may be underneath! #Call811 to put in a request for underground facilities to be located so you #KnowWhatsBelow!


  • The 811 Process infographic

  • Safe Digging Month proclamation template (So cities and counties can officially make the proclamation! Reach out to your mayors and county commissioners.)