About Utility Responses


Positive response is a way for member companies to communicate with you, the excavator, about job sites and the status of locate tickets. It’s also a way for you to respond to some of the positive response codes.

How to Check Responses

After submitting your ticket, you can check the status of your ticket online. It’s best to do this throughout the life of your ticket. Sunshine 811 recommends all excavators create an Exactix account to easily access the responses and all ticket information for yourself and your company. It also gives you easier access in the field.

Follow the steps below to verify the responses.

1 - Log in to Exactix

2 - Click Tickets and enter ticket number where you see “Filter by Ticket Number.” Click the correct ticket number and you will see details of the ticket with a map on the right.

3 - To view the responses and follow each member utility’s progress, or respond to any instructions and provide additional information, click the Responses tab.

Note: Member companies enter one of 23 Response Codes that lets you know if an underground facility is marked, unmarked, not in conflict (clear) or high priority. Unmarked codes also provide a brief explanation of why your site is unmarked and whether the member is waiting on information from you.

4 - Once you’ve received responses from all members, you’re ready to head to the job site – but before you start digging, view the responses again and compare the marks you see to the response codes.

5 - If all the marks match, you’re ready to start safely digging! If they don’t match, contact the member for clarification.



When am I supposed to confirm the utility responses?

BEFORE going to the site, confirm you’ve received responses from all member companies. They may be waiting for additional information or actions from you, including white lining, providing a gate code, unlocking a gate, etc., before locating.

AT THE SITE before digging, make sure to confirm the marks match the positive response codes.

DAILY, if possible, to ensure codes have not changed and to ensure that the marks are visible per the responses.

Why do I need to confirm utility responses?

  1. It’s required by law!

  2. A positive response code might clarify why there are no locate marks (i.e., a member is waiting for you to white line, or wants to be present so the marks are fresh, or no member response).

  3. Marks might come with additional instructions or notes about the locate. Examples include:

  • There is an unmarked facility just like the marked facility.

  • The line is high profile and the member wants to observe digging

  • The line is a high-priority subsurface installation – like transmission or distribution pipelines with hazardous or highly-volatile liquids – and you MUST let the member know when you are digging for your safety and the safety of others.

I arrived at my job site and something doesn’t look right. What do I do?

If there is an issue when you arrive on your job site – for example, a member leaves a “Marked” code and there are no marks for that member in the field, or there is a permanent utility marker near an area where a “Clear”' code was used – always contact the member whose marks are in question before digging.