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Noncompliance Report

Use this form to report activity related to locating and marking your job site that may not be in compliance with the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556, Florida Statutes. Sunshine 811 has no statutory authority to investigate reported incidents of non-compliance, to mediate disputes between excavators and members (facility operators), to determine if violations of Chapter 556, F.S. have occurred, or to issue citations for violations of Chapter 556, F.S. The member named below will receive a letter, Excavation Guide and the offer of additional education. Sunshine 811 will also use the information to develop educational programs. 

Positive Response Code Descriptions

Section 1: Member Utility Info
Section 2: Noncompliance Info
Check all alleged violations that apply
If you selected "Failure to use positive response codes properly" check the code that was used. Link to code descriptions is at top of form.
Was there damage to underground facilities?
Note: If this report of alleged noncompliance is due to a damage, please report to Florida DIRT.
Date of Non Compliant Event
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