Associate Members

Are you a damage prevention stakeholder? A Sunshine 811Associate Membership offers several ways to be successful in the industry. Associate membership is open to any company, partnership or corporation engaged in business that helps prevent damages to and protect Florida’s vast underground facility network.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Promote your business on Sunshine 811’s website that regularly receives an average of 70,000 page views each month. You’ll do this through a new platform, MembershipWorks, where you set up your account, pay online and design the listing to your satisfaction.

  • Present at the statewide or regional Excavation Task Force meetings where you can connect with fellow damage prevention stakeholders, talk about current industry issues and news, and learn about what’s going on with Sunshine 811.

  • Contribute as a guest writer for our Latest News section on the website.

  • Automatic enrollment in our email list to receive updates on education and training events, or the release of new training videos and online educational programs, plus

Apply For/Renew Membership

  • $150 for 12-months, effective the date Sunshine 811 receives your application/renewal and fee.