Extraordinary Circumstance Declarations

Members can declare extraordinary circumstances when operating conditions make it impractical to comply with Chapter 556, F.S., provisions. This relieves them of the legal responsibility to locate and mark within the legal time frame. It does not relieve excavators from calling 811 to request locate tickets before digging. For more information extraordinary circumstances and your responsibilities, click here.

Current Declarations:

Member Code Member Company Date Declared Expected Rescind Date
FTPRCE Fort Pierce Utilities Authority 11/9/2021 -
SLU01 City of Port St Lucie Utilities 3/2/2021 -
SNG803 St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc 3/2/2021 -
MB1213 City of Mexico Beach 4/24/2020 -
CNM529 City of North Miami 4/24/2020 -
CRB818 City of Riviera Beach 4/24/2020 -



South Carolina

North Carolina