Excavator Instructions

Safe digging is everyone's responsibility. But excavator's have many responsibilities under the law. Getting a ticket is just the first step, and sometimes it takes more than one call. The excavator process is below. Click on the graphic to view larger, download and/or print. 


Learn on the go

Check out our 811 process videos. Ten videos ranging from two to five minutes that quickly take you from preparing for 811 to safe digging. 

What do the colors mean?

Utilities are marked according to APWA Uniform Color Codes. The chart below shows which utility type each color represents.

Want more convenience?

If you request multiple tickets or want to request them after hours, Internet Ticket Entry is a good option for you. Click below for more information or to sign up for ITE.

Know the law

Sunshine 811 cannot interpret the law or determine liability for individual situations. It's best that you learn the law to make informed decisions. Click below to access.