Contacting or damaging a buried utility

When you dig around buried utilities, you can contact or damage a buried utility, find an unknown or unmarked facility, or locate a facility in danger of failing. 

If you contact or damage a buried utility, you must:

  • Immediately notify the utility owner of the contact or damage, even if you can't see any damage
  • Stop all excavation in the immediate area that could cause further harm to the utility, until the operator advises you to proceed

If you contact or damage a buried utility, you must not:

  • Ignore it
  • Attempt to repair it
  • Bury, hide or perform any backfilling in the immediate area

If the contact or damage causes an emergency involving danger to life, health, or property, you must immediately:

  • Evacuate your employees and all other endangered persons from the immediate vicinity, to the best of your ability.
  • Call 911 and provide:
    • Exact location of the emergency
    • Nature of the emergency
    • Type of underground utility affected