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Only a few member utilities have marked. i know there are other utilities. What should I do?

When your ticket is complete, you are given or read a list of member companies that are notified of your project. This does not mean that each company has facilities on your property. Avoid the frustration of not knowing and get the member responses!

I requested that my entire property be marked, but there are only marks in the front yard. What should I do?

It could be possible that you only have public facilities running in that area of your yard. Remember, that member utilities only mark the facilities they own. Private facilities are the homeowner’s responsibility. To be sure you’ve done everything properly, check the utility responses so you are not waiting for marks that may not be placed.

Do I have to notify 811 when I am digging in an area that has been previously marked?

Yes, you must contact Sunshine 811 each time you dig. Environmental factors such as erosion and root system growth can alter the location of buried facilities. Also, member utility companies may have worked on the lines in your area since the last time you dug.

When should I contact 811?

At least two full business days before you plan to dig. The day you request the ticket, weekends and holidays are not included in the two full business days. Be sure that you prepare the necessary information before contacting Sunshine 811.

What if an underground facility runs where I want to plant a tree?

Consider moving your project to avoid buried facilities. If you must dig within the tolerance zone, use increased precaution to protect the underground facilities. Learn more by viewing the Florida Dig Law.

You may also want to consider these planting tips before planning your landscaping.

The projects I’m doing are simple. Do I need to contact Sunshine 811?

Yes, you must contact 811 for every digging project, large or small! Facilities can be buried just a few inches below the ground and are often located in areas where you might install a mailbox or fence.

I’m digging in a small location and don’t want my entire yard marked.

If you are only planning to dig in a small portion of your yard, mark the area in white paint or white flags. This will indicate the project location to those locating the buried facilities.


Lines have been marked. Where should I dig?

You can dig in the area you described in the locate description on your ticket. If you’re digging within 24 inches of a facility, use increased precaution to protect the underground facilities. Learn more by viewing the Florida Dig Law. Remember, the facility marker gives you an approximate location of the buried line.


I hired a contractor or landscaper to do the digging project. Do I need to contact 811?

 The contractor doing the work is responsible for contacting 811 to get your property located and marked. They know the details about the project, the equipment that will be used and have the proper contact information for the person who will be digging.

What happens if I hit an underground facility?

Stop digging immediately. Notify the member utility company (owner) directly using the contact information provided on your ticket.

If the contact or damage causes the release of natural gas or other hazardous materials, contact 911 and evacuate the area. The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration offers the following guidelines and other actions to take.