Providing Responses to Excavators


Sunshine 811 provides a single point of contact between members and excavators through the use of response codes. Through a ticket management system or by using Exactix, members can communicate these responses to locate tickets.

Using Response Codes

Members are required to enter a response code for each locate ticket before the ticket's due date and time. Doing so tells excavators if the site is clear, marked or unmarked. Some codes have special instructions for the excavator.

Keep the following in mind as you review locate tickets:

  1. If you have buried facilities within the dig site, you’ll need to locate and mark them, and enter the proper response code. The code must be entered within two full business days of receiving a normal ticket and 10 full business days for underwater tickets.

  2. All other response codes indicating clear or unmarked must be entered within the same timeframe as stated above.

  3. If you cannot locate within the legal timeframe, contact the excavator directly to arrange a new time that is mutually agreeable. Then, enter the appropriate response code. You will automatically receive a late notice if no code is provided within the legal timeframe. Note: Leaving a voicemail or email with the excavator does not constitute a mutual agreement.

The System automatically notifies excavators when all members have provided a response or when the legal two full business day period (10 full business days for underwater tickets) has expired, whichever comes first.

Note: Members are sent and billed for a late notice ticket when a response is not provided.