Using Positive Response

The Positive Response System establishes a single point of contact between members and excavators. 

Members are required to enter a code into the Positive Response System for each locate ticket before the ticket's due date. Doing so tells excavators if the site is clear, marked, or unmarked. Some codes have special instructions for the excavator.

The Positive Response System automatically notifies excavators when all members have responded to the positive response system or when the legal two full business day period (10 full business days for underwater tickets) has expired, whichever comes first. 

Members are sent and billed for a late notice ticket when a response is not provided.

Positive response comments

  • Comments made using the irth System (SAGE811) are available to the excavator in an online summary.

  • Comments made using irthNet are not included in the online summary. However, you can configure irthNet to send comments directly to the excavator. Contact Member Services or call (800) 651-8601 for help.

Please note: Excavators who access the Positive Response System by phone will NOT receive comments. TO RESCHEDULE THE DUE DATE, CALL THE EXCAVATOR.

Providing the response

  • irth: Enter codes online, one at a time.

  • irthNet: Log in as usual. Then click on “Response Manager.” If you do not see “Response Manager,” notify Member Services. Be sure to include your Irth Internet login, but NOT your password.

  • Phone: Call (800) 852-8057. After entering your ID code, the system will prompt you through the menu. If you don't have an ID code, contact Member Services.


Member Services
(800) 651-8601