Extraordinary Circumstances

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Members will be asked to provide the anticipated date their extraordinary circumstances will be rescinded (canceled).

Member companies can declare extraordinary circumstances when experiencing conditions that make it impractical to fully comply with Chapter 556, F.S. Extraordinary circumstances relieves members from the legal responsibility of locating and marking their underground facilities within the legal time frame. It does not relieve excavators from their responsibility of contacting 811 to request locate tickets before digging. Extraordinary circumstances are most often weather-related conditions such as a hurricane or tropical storm, but other conditions are possible.

Information for Members

Sunshine 811 members will continue receiving locate tickets as long as the receiving equipment is functioning. If not, their tickets remain in queue at Sunshine 811's call center and are delivered as soon as the receiving equipment is working properly.

  • Member code and contact information will continue to be listed on tickets so excavators are aware of the nearby facilities.

  • The positive response system automatically replies with code 3T that states: "Extraordinary circumstances exist. Call the utility owner/operator provider for this location."

  • Sunshine 811 does not take declarations on Saturday or Sunday. If you anticipate unusual conditions, please submit your request before 5 p.m. Friday.

Information for Excavators

  • Whether you complete your ticket online or by phone, you will get a 3T code from member the declare Extraordinary Circumstances. You can also visit our Declarations page at any time to see which members are declaring Extraordinary Circumstances.

  • Extraordinary circumstances is a precautionary measure for the utility. They may still be able to locate, mark and update their positive responses. Excavators should continue to follow normal procedures and avoid any digging until all utilities have cleared, located and marked, or the legal timeframe has expired (whichever occurs first).

  • There is no time limit on extraordinary circumstances. If there is no response from the member after their legal timeframe to respond, you can treat it the same as a non-response. In that case, the statute outlines the following:

    • Contact the member directly using the information on your ticket.

    • 556.105(6)(a) states “…the excavator may proceed with the excavation, if the excavator does so with reasonable care and if detection equipment or other acceptable means to locate underground facilities are used.” You may want to consider hiring a private locate company to locate and mark your job site. There are a number of Sunshine 811 associate member companies that do private locating.

Declare Extraordinary Circumstances

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Enter "Extraordinary Circumstances Declaration" in subject line.


Rescind Extraordinary Circumstances

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