Get Started. Create a Ticket.

Submitting a locate ticket with Sunshine 811 is free and easy. Homeowners can submit a ticket online or by calling 811. Before requesting a ticket, prepare your dig site and ensure you have the proper information on hand. Check out the Six Steps to Safe Digging to learn more about the 811 Process.

Prepare Your Dig Site

If you’re only digging in a small portion of your yard, outlining the area in white paint or flags will indicate to the utility locate technicians marking your yard where you plan to dig.

Gather Info Before Contacting Sunshine 811

Before contacting Sunshine 811, be sure to have the information needed for a locate ticket. Remember, you must contact Sunshine 811 at least two full business days prior to digging to allow time for the underground facilities on your property to be located.

Request the Ticket

The easiest way to get your locate ticket is to do a single address ticket with Exactix. The video below walks you through the registration process. Follow our YouTube Channel to view the new video on completing a ticket when it is released.