Toolkits for Safe Digging

The 811 Process involves every Floridian young and old, professional contractors, DIYers, utility companies and utility locators.

The utilities you rely on daily - electric, cable/internet/fiber, gas and other utility lines - are increasingly moving underground where they are most impacted by construction and DIY work. You can help make an impact on preventing damages to that buried infrastructure of lines, pipes and cables by sharing the information inside the toolkits with your customers and residents.

The toolkits were created to reach a large, general audience, so please feel free to modify them to be included in any outreach you have planned.

But, before you do that, please review the 811 Graphic Standards document so you understand proper use of the 811 logo. 



Underground facilities can pose a real danger after a storm. Please use the elements in this toolkit to educate your customers and residents of precautions to take when cleaning up after a hurricane or storm.



Each year Florida observes National Safe Digging Month in April. It’s a way to build on the outside home improvement efforts so many begin in the spring. Please use the elements in this toolkit throughout April - and all year long - to educate your friends, customers and residents.


8-1-1 Day Toolkit

8-1-1 Day occurs on August 11 every year. How appropriate. 8-1-1 on 8/11. Make it a fun, one-day awareness campaign with the tools included in this toolkit. Hold a photo contest, bring in treats for the day, or watch Sunshine 811’s social media and get the word out. Download some 811 educational tips and get your employees involved. The possibilities are endless - drop us a note and let us know what unique promotion you did!