Where Excavation Begins

Every job starts with contacting Sunshine 811. But, safe digging is more than just making one call or carefully putting a shovel into the ground. It is a process of checks and balances in partnership with member utility companies to ensure the safety of excavators and the communities and environments surrounding their job sites.

Whether you are boring, ditching, grading, moving earth, pipe bursting, razing, scraping, setting poles, trenching, demolishing, or even just digging a hole, you MUST contact 811 or submit an online ticket at least two full business days before your job is set to begin.

Ready to dig safe? Call 811 or

6 Steps to Safe Digging - yes, it is that simple

STEP 1:  Plan your project

STEP 2:  Submit a Ticket

STEP 3:  Wait the required time

STEP 4:  Confirm utility responses

STEP 5:  Confirm the marks

STEP 6:  Dig with care

Dig Deeper Into These 6 Steps