Ticket Entry Training

If you’re looking to submit tickets online you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the information you need to go from beginner to experienced Exactix user. There are two levels of map access in Exactix:

Full map access

  • Perfect for contractors working between intersections, at large job sites, or complicated job sites where manual gridding is necessary.

Single address access

  • For those who dig at a single address including the associated ROW and easements. This access does not let you manually grid tickets. Rather, the system maps the dig site based on the address you provide.

  • Positive response
    All excavators should create an Exactix account, even if you do not create tickets. Having an account allows you to access the tickets your company creates and view the positive responses while in the field. This is important for a few reasons:

    • Member companies can change their responses any time after the original response deadline. The email automatically sent to you may have the most updated information if you rely on it days after it is sent.

    • Using the online statuses daily and comparing those codes to what you see in the field to help ensure the safety of those in the field.

    • You can see any attachments provided by the member.

    • You can With access to the full ticket text, you know exactly where you can dig. You can also note which parts of the site are complete so the locate description can be updated if it needs to be renewed.

Exactix Registration


Complete the ITE application.

Step 2

Complete the registration process. View the registration video below for help. When you complete this step, you will be able to submit online tickets at a single address and get positive responses. You get the permissions for digging at or between intersections after completing the online training.


step 3

Complete the Internet Ticket Entry Training.

step 4

When you complete the training, Sunshine 811 will be notified and your permissions will be changed, giving you the ability to request tickets for rights of way, intersections, between intersections and more.


If you’re feeling lost or just need an Exactix refresher, come to this page for inspiration. Videos will be added on a regular basis.